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In today’s day and age of digitalization, one has to always move on with making use of the net as well as the vast opportunities available on it, else you would certainly just be left behind in the rat race. Additionally, the digital market has expanded tremendously to produce something for every person. That has led the way for brilliant business opportunities by Amazon. You can offer your products to hundreds of numerous consumers on Amazon as well as it is absolutely hassle-free. The fact that Amazon is the future of retail is unveiling right before us. Also, the fact they have constructed such a substantial realm that’s the one-stop-shop for a majority of users, from what used to be an online bookstore is commendable and phenomenal.

The fad of online shopping is what is making it operate currently, and has influenced the traditional stores immensely. The reason for the change is straightforward and apparent, that is, the former gives all the power to the consumers itself and also it is much more hassle-free. All of it goes to confirm that there is some significant money that a person might make with Amazon, and surely, if you ride with the Amazon wave now, you could fill your pockets too. In this article, we are going to contrast two retail arbitrage devices named ‘Helium 10’ and also ‘Jungle Scout’. I hope this system comparison would be valuable to you.

Tips For Choose Best Amazon Research Tool:

Picking an Amazon Research Tool relies on what truly helps you as well as your organization. Nevertheless, as a potential investor on Amazon, there are plenty of points that you might follow up with to enhance your opportunities of gaining much better. For starters, you require to understand your items the very best as well as thoroughly. The more information you gather on it and evaluate it, the much more it will certainly assist you. It can get extremely contentious on Amazon, so you have to be extremely careful with what products you select and develop a strategy according to it. So, you would need to have full knowledge concerning your product and the marketplace. You might search for the demographics, inspect precisely how the product is trending, what the standing of the market is etc.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout – Platform Overview

Helium 10

A complete SEO and product research software application for Amazon vendors, Helium 10 is among the very best there is on the market and also is known to have introduced Amazon sellers’ software application tools to a whole new level. With excellent design and a straightforward user interface, it primarily aids the customers to discover. It ensures that whatever that goes, all the operations that take place are sufficiently backed with information and also comparisons, irrespective of whether it is at the point where the item is being searched for or when it is listed and marketed. They offer all the tools that you will require for management, analysis and optimization purposes and also has regular results backed with an engaging database.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has similar usages and finds the ideal items to sell on Amazon as well as those that would genuinely bring benefits. They were the extremely initial Amazon item research study tool on the marketplace in 2014, and given that then, it has grown well as well as is now the best device for novices and power-sellers alike. They have more numerous than 99,300 consumers and also have made it extremely simple to access one of the most crucial info you determine and authenticate a winning business concept.

It is necessary to note that JungleScout has two tools: Their internet app, as well as its Chrome web browser extension. Both of these are crucial to have if you wish to situate the best items to import, private tag, and after that sell using the Amazon FBA program. The primary step is to make use of the internet application to determine products that have potential. Then, utilize the Chrome web browser expansion for the items that you found with the internet app, and pick the most effective product from there.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout – Features Comparison

Helium has a range of features to provide which include.

  • Black Box- Their product research device, it helps the seller locate the product they might intend to sell based upon the criteria set. It is one of the most searched for tool, very reliable, as well as shows, results per the specifications made by the seller.
  • X-Ray- The Helium 10 Chrome Extension, give the vendors with the birds’ eye view of the market and also verify potential product opportunities.
  • Magnet- Known to be one of the most potent keywords collectors in the marketplace, they locate the best attainable search phrases.
  • Cerebro- It assists in deciphering the competitors’ keyword technique and also offers access to essential information like estimated search volume, the number of competing products, rivals who are advertising for specific terms and more.
  • Frankenstein- It allows you to take thousands of search phrases and also within moments, refines them right into key words lists with a high possibility of producing even more earnings.
  • Scribbles- To guarantee that the listings optimize to the maximum, they allow you to put the best keyword phrases to their Amazon Seller Central frontend and backend.
  • Keyword Tracker- This mainly aids the vendor to maintain a note of modifications in advertising and optimization initiatives to show precisely just how the amendments affect an adjustment in the product listings rank.
  • Alerts- It guarantees that no one sells your items or changes your listings, and actively prevents frauds.
  • Refund Genie- It mainly locates your lost or destroyed stock that has to be compensated by Amazon and also procedures detailed records in real-time to ensure that you can assert what is yours.

Jungle Scout has a variety of attributes to offer too.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker:

The first web page that you will see is your product tracker. The item tracker is included in all degrees of JungleScout web app depending upon how large of a subscription you have or exactly how lots of items you can track. Ideally, you can see the typical rate for the product you are tracking, the ordinary ranking it has, the average number of devices sold per day, and hence the average day-to-day revenue.

You can learn more in-depth details concerning a product, like the daily information trend in sales for the particular item. You can even go a step additionally to see the information trend for several days. By doing this, it allows you to see if an item has spiked over the last number of days so that you do not invest in a product that does not have consistency. The extra product information holds some other essential details, such as the weight for mistakes and the average ratings. You will have to go right into Amazon to take a look at that information. The product tracker is a nifty attribute of Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Product Database:

The product database is where you are most likely to be investing a lot of your time within the web application. This is just how you are going to locate products that have potential that you will analyze deeper using the Jungle Scout Chrome plugin expansion.

This function works the same, whether you have a start-up, requirement, or business registration. To begin, pick the category you desire. The next point you intend to do is to pick the cost. To obtain the highest result, try to find items that set you back around $20 to $40 on Amazon. This is because items that are valued more than $40 seem to be quite big or else they have a tendency to be products that are pricey to make.

Following is the approximated sales tab. You will want to ensure to look for an item with a minimum of 300 sales when you are searching for potentials that suggest that a product is selling truly well. If it has sold over 300 systems a day, that’s a whole lot of prospective revenue. From the evaluations, you will certainly wish to set a maximum of 50 testimonials, since if you can locate a product that is making 300 sales a day, yet has much less than 50 testimonials, it shows that the competition for that product is actually reduced, yet the demand is really high, which makes it an excellent product to offer.

It is likewise very vital that you pick an item that does not consider weigh a lot, so a maximum of 2 extra pounds is recommended. When you ask Jungle Scout to filter the database, it will pack up every one of the various products on Amazon that meet your requirements, and this conserves you so much time. Any item that meets these requirements has a strong potential for being an excellent product for relabeling and also resale. Finding products like these will usually take you days as well as weeks on Amazon. So if you were utilizing the Jungle Scout Chrome expansion, it is an absolute must for any type of FBA private seller.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter:

The Niche Hunter attribute is only included in the Standard as well as the Business plan of the web app. It is just one of the significant selling points that separate the Standard and the Business plans of the web app from the less costly start-up version. It consists of numerous valuable filters.

First is the average demand, which stands for the number of sales you can anticipate to hop on a regular monthly basis. You will probably desire at the very least 300 since anything lower will indicate that the item might not be selling well.

The next filter is the average price, which is rather uncomplicated. Then, there is the opportunity score, which is a mix of the demand, competition, and listing quality all put right into one to make it as simple as possible for you to discover exceptional items.

Using the competition filter, you can locate products that have reduced competition to ensure that you are not competing with whole lots of other vendors to market that product. Having high competitors can make it hard for your product listing to stand out.

There is additionally the listing quality score filter that helps you much better convert checkouts into sales. It takes into consideration your titles, photos, bullet points, key phrases, and description. This is a filter where you desire the rating to be lower, which suggests that products that currently have a low-quality listing score which gives you the possibility to enhance upon that score.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout – Benefits

The advantages of using Helium 10 are as follows.

  • It helps locate winning product suggestions, and with in-depth research study, help confirm those suggestions.
  • This drives more web traffic to your listing with traffic-pulling keyword phrases.
  • It helps launch products and ranking keywords utilizing the CPR Formula.
  • The tool shows your competition’s strategy.
  • It assists in composing and optimizing product listing in real-time.
  • Helps in obtaining reimbursements for lost or damaged stock.

The advantages of utilizing Jungle Scout are as follows.

  • It breaks down into two- The Web App as well as the Chrome Extension.
  • The former assists filter through a variety of products on Amazon and find what people are looking for.
  • The latter arranges substantial information and also provides accessibility to the whole AccuSales information.
  • It makes you tons of money since it assists you to locate successful items.
  • It will conserve your money since it will certainly stop you from shedding cash on products that will not be good to sell on Amazon.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: Pricing

Helium 10 Pricing

For Helium 10, 4 plans are used. The Free Plan would cost you nothing, and offer extremely restricted possibility but is excellent for someone who is merely beginning out. The A La Carte Plan is the adjustable one, where you can select what you desire. The Platinum strategy costs $97 monthly, and the Diamond Plan would cost you $197 monthly.

Jungle Scout Pricing

For Jungle Scout, their Business pack costs $69 a month, annually. The Standard Plan would cost you $49 a month yearly, as well as the Start-Up plan would set you back $29 a month every year.

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout: User Testimonials

  • For a whole lot of people available, Jungle Scout is the most extensive software application in the market. Also, Helium 10 is an excellent substitute for the former.
  • Plenty of individuals seem to find Jungle Scout rather pricey; however, at the same time, there is no system as accurate as it is. Jungle Scout’s precision goes as high as 95%, whereas, Helium 10’s is 84%.
  • For rather a lot of individuals- “there is no question” regarding the reality that Jungle Scout is worth the money.

At the end of the day, there is no one tool which is objectively better than the other. You need to use the tool which best fits your needs and expectations. Additionally, you need to see what will help your organization as well as products and what supplies you with what you are trying to find. You can try using both for a trial period to see which fits your needs better than committing to any one of them.

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